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Newest Golden Goose shoes AU outlet sale

Golden Goose pushes old shoes and sells more than 4,000 yuan.

Newest Golden Goose shoes AU outlet sale launches Superstar Taped Sneaker, a distressed fashion shoe. (Source: NORDSTROM)

Golden Goose has recently launched a new shoe, but has sparked heated arguments and criticism. The Italian brand Golden Goose has launched Superstar Taped Sneaker, a fashion shoe in distress: the promotional photos have been widely disseminated on the Internet and severely criticized. Some netizens have criticized these deliberately worn shoes as blindly worshiping poverty and becoming a cruel irony for the poor who can not afford new shoes.

The shoes seem worn, not only apparently dirty, but also a piece of tape, Golden Goose Men shoes online online discount sale, and sold for 530 US dollars (about 4139 Hong Kong dollars). Many netizens believe that this is a cruel irony: some people can afford expensive shoes, but more people are forced to wear repaired broken shoes, they simply do not think that broken shoes are fashionable.

I also found a lot of distressed shoes on Instagram by Golden Goose. (Source: goldengoosedeluxebrand screenshot Instagram)

This is not the first time that Golden Goose has caused critics' anger. In 2016, the company also launched a similar style of sports shoes. Purchase High quality Golden Goose Kids shoes. Watch the Golden Goose Instagram and find out that the brand also has a lot of shoes in trouble: it seems that the designer has a weakness for distressed fashion.

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