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How To Host A Stress-Free Super Bowl Party

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Brenda Szempruch Adamson
   Great item. Received promptly. It will be greatly appreciated by a friend who wears only cotton gloves . Wonderful Xmas present.
Claudia Alvarez
   New Jersey Monthly is a great resource whether you are a Jersey resident or just curious about the Garden State. Monthly happenings, restaurant reviews you can count on as being accurate, which beaches are best and why.  It's all here. Tour the states wineries in the pages so you can plan your next road trip. Learn about New Jersey's 11 historic lighthouses and then plan your grand lighthouse tour.  It's all here, well written and with outstanding photography as well.
Aldrin Atag Mirabueno
   Nice product quality. Better than I expected. Just a tiny bit too long, but that is because I have a little shorter than normal legs (inseam). I bought this pair to see how they are as a replacement of Russell Athletic Jersey Pants because they are no longer being manufactured, so I needed a replacement. I'm not an "off the rack" kind of physique, so I like to wear athletic workout pants because regular jeans and dress pants are very hard to find that actually fit and are comfortable (plus I don't like to wear them anyway). I don't like to wear sweats that are made of fleece (too hot & bulky). These Champion Jersey Pants fit great; are lightweight (not too light or see-through), and I love the waistband especially.
Helene Avignon
   These are a bit pricey, compared to other brands of filters, but if you're picky enough about coffee (like me), you won't mind spending a bit more.  Besides, if you're already spending more on better coffee beans, you might as well get better filters.  After using about 50 of these filters, I've never made a less-than-perfect cup of coffee.  I use these with the Hario V60 dripper & they are a perfect match.  I've tried other less-expensive filters but they don't work well at all with that dripper.  The paper is too thin & it tears.  Other filters work with a dripper with a much-smaller hole at the bottom, but not with the Hario.
Andrea Coronado
   Best cup of coffee.  This filter paper is part of the Hario pour-over system.
Hard to find this in walk-in stores.

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